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where we are headed from here


Project 21x is part of a bigger vision: it is what it says a project-with a mission to share Jesus with kids.  All its stuff is FREE but it will become part of a LLC called 21x, a for profit company. (Similar to how Hobby Lobby and chick fill A are business but still help the community and do christain events)


From here 21x becomes a company- which

sells products, produces events, and offers services.  When the company makes excess money it donates its profits back to youth haven ministries to fund the youth programs and help the community

21 x will:

  • Sell youth programs to churches

  • Produce youth events for churches

  • Offer paid life skills and life coaching content

  • Sell its own brand-name stuff online

  • Re-sell various items online

  • provide in person services like life coaching and tutoring for youth in the local area

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