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PROJECT 21 is  A new movement for OUR TIMES.  It's NOT a church, and has no structure. It's people with like minds seeking  to get back to basics and restore a sense of purpose to people's lives.  

Many groups and individuals claiming to be "Christian" have left in their wake countless hurt, confused, and bitter people who have rejected faith altogether. Most of the hurt have just given up or pushed the topic aside.  Rather than believe anything they choose to believe nothing because no one knows what is true anymore and there is a lack of trust in "religion".  This leads a void of hopelessness.   


We have allowed ourselves to be robbed of any sense of hope that real faith provides due to over-exposure to myths, lies, hate, judgement, produced falsely in the name of ":god." 


"God made people in his image, and they returned the favor".  Some of the most commonly held "Christian" beliefs are NOT in the teachings of Jesus and some directly contradict what he taught.  These are the things that have hurt so many people and turned them against faith, leaving in their wake hurt, confused, or bitter people robbed of the hope Jesus gave humanity.


The devil has done a good job with propaganda and conducted history's greatest smear campaign against the greatest figure in human history keeping people away from Jesus. We desire to call all people to change their way of thinking and dedicate their hearts back to Jesus.

Project 21 is just about Jesus.  Come follow Jesus. Or just ask your questions, share your views, watch out materials, read our stuff and hear us out. We want you "come and see" Jesus for yourself. The real Jesus is pretty cool and we bet you will agree.  DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR HOPE AND LOOSE FAITH DUE TO FAKES, LIARS, AND MISGUIDED FOLKS CLAMING TO SPEAK FOR JESUS.

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Our Agenda...Because truthfully everyone has one  As followers of Jesus we want to: 


1- Reach out to youth ages 11-21 

We want to build relationships of trust where you feel comfortable enough to talk with us and share your views while listening to and being open to what we have to say.  

2- Tell about Jesus:

Share with you what Jesus did and taught and how Jesus has made our lives better.  (We believe Jesus was a real person who taught a  better way of life to live by,  So we follow him and ONLY his teachings  encouraging others to do the same so they can have a better life.)

3- Support those who come to faith in their own spiritual journey towards a closer relationship with Jesus

4- Empower and equip others to share the message of hope and the good news of Jesus Christ with others in a non-judgmental loving way casting out the darkness of hate, bigotry, ignorance, and judgement of others replacing it with God's light bringing fourth his kingdom. (God is spirit not a him or a her, its just easier to say him due to the way we have been raised)

      "Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be open"


If you found something great that really helped you wouldn't you want to share it with others? We do that all the time, with food, products, etc...Well this is our testimony. We found Jesus we want to share the way of life he taught and get rid of religious non-sense

"I have come so that you will have a more abundant (better) Life"  -Jesus

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