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The Era of Rage and Social Media

Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end. -Proverbs 29:11

Everyone is usually upset about something. There is certainly enough rage to go around Today was no different. I saw a post on "social media" (which seems everything but social now days). It was complaining about school food with a picture of a burger saying "what is this" they are feeding my child. Now, it was obviously a hamburger and the poster got what they wanted. Several people cheered them on encouraging them to call the news media, write the congress, and the school board. The outrage was contagious. For a admittedly not so nice looking hamburger.

This is not some isolated event in the world of "cancel culture" boycotts and rage. This is done on the LEFT and the RIGHT. It's been seen daily with people assaulting others, rode rage and more. Why are people so angry today? Any little thing people are making an issue of and doing boycotts, protests, threats, violence. We are well beyond road rage. Hate is in. Anger is the norm. It seems like people can't even agree to disagree anymore. Rather then even attempt to dialog or solve issues, people post online and stir up outrage.

Yet Jesus says "why not rather be wronged?" and to turn the other cheek. He goes as far as saying that those who hold onto anger at another believer are subjecting themselves to God's judgement. In addition, if we are in conflict, Jesus instructs us to reconcile with our adversary.

Jesus did get angry, the Gospels tell us of him overturning the tables of money changers at the temple, and his verbal confrontations with religious leaders. So just when is anger justified and where does it come from?

The question is resolved if you look at the source. Are you angry at something someone else is doing? Are you righteously engaged at a "injustice" be it a bad hamburger at school or an abortion bill?

Who are you looking at? Have you looked at yourself and your own imperfections? As Jesus said have you first "remove the plank in your own eye" Or is your self-righteous rage, just that, an attempt to gratify yourself. Are you not happy with yourself so you rage against others as a victim? instead of rather being wronged and looking to Jesus?

Are you so filled with pride that you are elevating yourself and the cause you believe in to be the righteous one judging others? Is all this about you, and feeding into your own ego or is it about loving God and serving others.

Is it really about helping the oppressed and mistreated and righting some great wrong in service to God and your fellow man, or is it a prideful way in which you elevate your own self and ego in the name of "social justice' while secretly looking down on others as too weak or too stupid to help themselves and needing you in your righteousness to fight for them? Is it about God or are you just unhappy with yourself?

Its time to follow Jesus and not contribute to the culture of rage. Love God with all your heart soul and mind, and love others as you do yourself. This is the exact commands of Jesus, and RAGE can not occupy the same place as LOVE.

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